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Product Name : Jeep Dodge
Item No. : CIR-Q8979 Jeep Dodge Chrysler
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  General Features:
Compatible Vehicles:
- Chrysler Sebring 2006-2007
- Chrysler 300C Cirrus 2006-2007
- Jeep Compass 2006-2007
- Jeep Commander 2006-2007
- Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006-2007
- Jeep Wrangler 2007-2013 /Unlimited
- 1500 2500 3500 Dodge RAM Pickup Trucks Avenger Caliber Challenger Dakota Dura 2006-2007
- This head unit comes with metal frame. Your car will look more luxurious with this head unit.
- If you are not sure whether it fits your car, please send pictures of your car's console to us for checking
- The installation does require a degree of DIY knowledge like all other in-car products. We highly recommend all items are installed by professionals. We are not responsible for any items damaged during installation by non-professionals. We can offer supports for installation if necessary.

General Specification:
- Android 7.1/8.1
- CPU T3/T8 4/8-Core 1.6/1.8GHZ
- Resolution: 1280X480 
- No DVD Function

- Support Smart Phone hotspot IOS9.1, Android 5.1 system.
- Support Multi-media Player,Internet Entainment, game and chat on-line.
- Support 3 way output: built-in Wi-fi dongle,3G dongle(Optioanl).
- Supporting 1080P HD and 3D background
- Support external Mobile hard disk for 1000GB.
- With double USB, support external USB cable if you  need(Optioanl). 
- Support Starting Logo change to your favourite background.
- Support file to file by copy or cut
- Support video and picture scanning,JPG,MBP,JPEG,GIP etc and electric-book.
- Support TV sound and video input and output, not need to add AD exchange, DVB-T II Four Antenna (Optional)
- Super Hardware Performance,Fast Response.
- Support backing sensor by automatic, Dynamic background showing.
- Android Screen by five point touch control.
- Supporting IGO9,TOMTOM,Garmin, Sygic maps.(Please advise which country's you need to install)
- Plentiful Free Application, can read&edit word/Excel/Powerpoint/PDF/TXT
- Live Wallpaper &DIY Wallpaper, Plentiful Color of Button Light for (Optioanl).
- Support Car DVR System(work with optional wifi Camera for (Optioanl).
- Support TPMS built-in or built-out (Optioanl), Wifi-OBD II(Optional).

android car multimedia stereo radio audio dvd gps navigation sat nav head unit chrysler 300c sebring jeep commander compass wrangler grand cherokee dodge ram 1500 2500 3500 pickup trucks avenger challenger dakota dura 2006 2007

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