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Product Name : Smart Sunvisor
Item No. : Smart Sunvisor
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  General Features:

Interior In Car Mirror Intelligent Smart Car Sun Visor Sunvisor Antiglare Sunlight LCD Filter Goggles

- Resist Dazzing Light
- Defend UV Radiation
- Filter Illuminant Radiation
- Prevent Bean Light
- Eliminate Light Equation
- Eliminate Visual Fatigue
- Anti-Aging
- Overcome Snow Blindness
- Improve Definition in Fog
- Expand Visor Range
- Product Name: intelligent car sun visor
- Main Function: resist sunlight, improve drivers'view definition and driving condition in different weather
- Color: customizable
- LCD Material: anti-explosion LCD
- LCD Thickness: 2.5MM
- LCD Size: 340x133size
- Product Size: 385x200x25
- Product Weight: 0.85kg
- Power Type: solar energy supply 5V
- Solar Battery Life: 10 years
- Power Dissipation: SBTY<5uA, normal use<600uA
- UVA Transmission Rate: 0%
- UVB Transmission Rate: 0%
- Relative Temperature: <85%
- Color Change Rate: 0.01 second
- Light Change System: stepless light change
- Harmful Light Resist Rate: >99%
- LCD Strength: 225g steel 12M falling hit: not crashed
- Light Transmission Rate of LCD 
- Lightntensity: 12.4x1000, 7.06x1000, 3.59x1000
- Transmission Rate: 16.10%, 18.30%, 21.90%


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